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January 2, 2018


Yes, that means we are one step closer to releasing our second album. We've finished pre-production on 8 new songs and all we can say is, we can't wait to start recording them. Or even premiering a couple of them live, if we feel like it. Stay tuned as 2018 will be an important year for Second Brain. Time to get back to work to make it all happen.

​July 3, 2017

About time...

It was indeed about time we posted an update on our official website. So, what have Second Brain been up to lately? Basically playing more gigs and writing our second album. We've got 6 new songs finished (or as good as) and we're looking to finish up the writing session by this Autumn. We're pretty much sure the album will be out next year - we just don't know yet when.

Finally, a huge thank you to guitarist Alberto Vanzan. He's been filling in for our ex guitarist Giulio Ciotoli during our last few shows - and he's been amazing at that.

Be sure to check out theMedia section for our latest live pics and stay tuned for more on album writing progress and line-up updates!

July 19, 2016​

Band T-Shirts Available!

While we get the ball rolling on writing our second album, we bring you some good news from our online shop. You will now be able to order Second Brain's exclusiveSynthesis-themed T-shirts!

To get yours, head over to theStore!

February 21, 2016​

Second Brain  Release  XX XII MMXV Live EP

We have just made a digital EP available for free download! It's titledXX XII MMXV and it was recorded live during our session at Rome's Legend studios on 20th December 2015. This marks our first-ever live recording so we decided to make it available for free from our Bandcamp page! Here's the link:


Tracklist is as follows:

1. Hierarchies, 2. The Sins of Others, 3. The Deranged, 4. Not Any More Heavens

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