Free-form metal

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Second Brain's sound blends together thrash metal, death metal and progressive rock. The Rome-based band define their eclectic yet classically powerful style as freeeform thrash metal. Originally a duo consisting of founding members Agravain (vocals, guitars, programming) and Lala Gabarth (vocals, cello), Second Brain released their first full-length album Synthesis in May 2014. The album received positive feedback both in Italy and abroad. In the following years Second Brain became a fully-fledged band when Anagoor (bass guitar), Dagonus (lead guitar) and Dominum (live drummer) were recruited. After a few rounds of gigs in Italy between 2016 and 2018, Second Brain entered the studio in 2018 to record their second album. Titled The Mind Awakes, it was independently released on 24 January 2020.